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see more is the most fun version of Minecraft combined with exceptional parkour and platforming action! With game, you can also craft a variety of objects using your crafting table in creative mode, just like in the original game. Are you prepared to conquer everything that lies ahead?

Move carefully and observe your surroundings while building all kinds of platforms that will allow you to jump from one side of the stage to another and leave numerous opponents behind, because only one winner can survive. Earn enough money to upgrade your speed boost, double jump, or jump boost, which will help you reach further faster, by reaching the checkpoints on yellow blocks. Choose one of the three game modes, including, DoodleCube, and EvilTower, and get ready for some fun. game mods:

  • Peaceful: This game mode offers a similar experience to Minecraft's creative mode, but it is played online, where you can evolve with other players on a big map and collect resources to build.
  • DoodleCube: Build something according to the proposed theme. The other players will vote on what is the best representation of the theme.
  • EvilTower: You will have to climb up a gigantic tower without checkpoints. With your agility, you will be able to move on the gray blocks while avoiding the red ones, which will cause you to die and fall off the tower. It is modeled after Roblox's Tower of Hell. You can earn gold and buy upgrades in the store.
  • BloxdHop: In this mode, you traverse platforms and cross as many checkpoints as possible.
  • CubeWarfare: Take on other players in a third-person shooter mode. Place blocks around the map to defend yourself.

How to play


AWSD - move
Shift/double-tap W - run
C, Z, , or Caps Lock - crouch
T - Enter to chat
B - open shop
/ - start command

DoodleCube Controls:

Place blocks - right mouse
Destroy placed blocks - left mouse
Switch blocks - number keys or mouse middle button