STUG (.io)

STUG (.io)

STUG (.io)
STUG (.io)

STUG (.io)

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STUG (.io) is an online multiplayer tank battle game, with plenty of features and modes for players to enjoy. Some features may require logging in or registering first- all the details are available on the website. There are also new tanks and customization options waiting for you at your disposal in this game's shop menu if you have enough coins from battles to buy them. You can customize your current tank using Garage mode too - just look out for research that improves power or unlocks new tanks as well.

There are two types of battles. The first is Conquest mode. In this mode, your team's goal is to conquer the areas and defeat the enemy forces. Battle mode will be unlocked when you reach rank 5, and you will be able to compete against the opposing team based on your score. You can even make your own room, invite your friends, and have a good time together.

You can instantly explode your enemy if you hit it on its weak point. The tanks' back sides are the most vulnerable. Try to hit your opponents in the back. The tank's near sides have mid-level armor, while the front sides have the most powerful armor. Avoid being struck on the backsides. Let the tank battle begin if you're ready!

Bombsight Games created STUG.

How to play

WASD = move
Shift = boost
Left-click = fire
1, 2, and 3 = use killstreaks
Middle mouse button = alert teammates to a point
Space = handbrake (wheeled vehicles only)