Revenge Revenge Revenge Revenge Revenge

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In, waves of dangerous zombie killers are running through the streets of your city relentlessly! Do you think you will be able to control your hero instincts as you attempt to destroy this terrible threat and prevent the inhabitants from suffering such horrible bloody deaths? Revenge was developed by

How to play

You will be racing against tens of attackers in this IO game. With only your weapons, you are alone against waves of monsters. There are more than 1000 different monsters awaiting you, so get ready to experience all kinds of thrills while surviving this terrible nightmare. Drag the button around the circle on the screen to move through the streets at your own pace and in any direction you want. According to the upgrades you are able to take, you will have the ability to shoot your enemies at a faster pace, with more accuracy, and with greater strength. As you eliminate enemies, you'll earn gems and coins that you can then use to upgrade your character's skills. As the game progresses, you will be able to unlock new weapons. You can move on to the next level after eliminating enough enemies and surviving long enough. Prepare yourself to survive the monster attack now. Good luck!

How to play

Drag the button on the screen around the circle in the direction you want to go and at the speed, you want to have.