Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour
Traffic Tour

Traffic Tour

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Traffic Tour

Welcome to Traffic Tour, a highway driving game. Instead of just offering traffic rider driving with an exciting traffic run, our new race car game is different from other highway rider car racing games because it has multiple game modes, such as multiplayer highway racing with friends and other Traffic Tour traffic racers.

This fun simulator allows you to drive your car through city traffic, use turbos and cool moves, and have a good time. Go through the game levels and see how fast you can drive.

How to play

W = accelerate
A = move left
D = move right
S = brake
Shift = nitro
Esc = pause

Accelerate boldly while enjoying outstanding images and sophisticated mechanics; authentic sensations await. Ready to test your driving talents in Traffic Tour while completing 100 online missions? Choose the best vehicles, watch the fuel level, and battle across the highway, city, desert, starry night, and rainy day. Will you test 40 vehicles?

Tips and tricks

- Unlock cars in endless mode by collecting Blueprints.
- Overtake traffic cars at 100 km/h for bonus points and cash.
- Earn more money in endless mode at night.
- Driving in the other direction in a two-way earns extra pay.
- Use Nitrous in multiplayer mode to get the most out of it. Share your results to earn more cash.