Venge io

Venge io

Venge io
Venge io

Venge io

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Venge io is a superb multiplayer game with cool graphics and first-person gameplay. There are many other players around, and many of them are looking to shoot you. The real-time massive multiplayer gameplay that you can find in is typical for .io games.  Team up with your friends or play this multiplayer game alone. is developed by Cem Demir (TheLlamaMomma).

Fast-paced FPS gameplay
Close-quarters maps
Unlockable skins, cards, and emotes
Clean 3D graphics for a smooth gaming experience

How to play

WASD to move
Space bar to jump
R to reload
E to do melee attack
F to throw items
B to buy
Shift or RMG to focus
H to dance
Enter to chat
Hold B to turn cards
LMB to shoot