Zombie Mission X

Zombie Mission X

Zombie Mission X
Zombie Mission X

Zombie Mission X

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Zombie Mission X

Embrace the winter season with Zombie Mission X as our heroes, Emily and Silver, set out on a journey through a snowy environment filled with undiscovered corners as they embark on a thrilling adventure. For one or two players, this is an amazing Christmas game.

Sadly, your vacation ends before it even begins! In this countless surprise game, you must jump, collect food, and try to survive the dangerous zombies while also rescuing your kidnapped friends.To get to the final igloo, you'll have to fight with your best friend and show your intelligence and good reflexes.

It is better to start at the beginning, but you can choose any difficulty level that you feel you can handle. You will be given tips along the way to ease the game, but don't let them relax you. You'll need to collect cookies and candies on your way, shoot your enemies, and save people. Jump repeatedly while holding onto the side of the cliff to climb up. Be cautious of penguins and traps. Ice stalactites will hang over you, so it's a good idea to avoid staying under them as much as possible. For more effective solutions, use grenades and special attacks. As you eliminate enemies, you get coins and valuable minerals, so you can upgrade your weapons' reloading and firing speed, as well as your health points. Use buttons well with your partner to activate elevators and shorten your journey to the igloo. You can also play other Zombie Mission games from the same developer.

How to play

Player 1

  • Move: "W, A, S, D"
  • Hit: "C"
  • Grenade: "V"
  • Jump: "W" (Walk walking)
  • Switch Weapon: "QE"
  • Special Attack: "Q + E" (When SP bar is full, press both together)

Player 2

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Hit: "L"
  • Grenade: "K"
  • Jump: "UP ARROW KEY" (Walk walk)
  • Weapon Change: "OP"
  • Special attack: "O + P" (when SP bar is full, press both together)